My First Ramble…

A phrase that I’ve heard many times over the past year is “you haven’t seen…”, especially when recently becoming an undergrad in Film and TV production. But whenever I hear this phrase, I can’t help but think to myself; ‘well you haven’t seen ‘film x’ as though I can excuse my unintended exclusion from this particular feature.

The truth is, up until this year I never ventured too far from the typical teen rom-com genre or the latest big-budget blockbusters. But in the months leading up to my studies at Uni, I began to realise that maybe it would be a good thing to stop re-watching every film Keira Knightley or Emma Stone has ever starred in. And so, with the help of a few charity shops and choice second-hand DVD stores, I began to collect some of the classics along with some weird and wonderful findings.

The results? Well I can safely say that I have become a huge fan of both the fantasy genre and true stories/documentaries such as “Selma”, “The Impossible” & “Dallas Buyers Club”. I’m so glad I opened myself up to more varieties of genres of film because there is so much talent out there to explore; whether that be the actors/score writers/cinematographers/directors – the list goes on and on.

I’ve decided to publish this little anecdote, because I wanted to try and encourage readers out there to try this experiment out for themselves. See how your opinions of film genres (or even film in general) can be changed simply just by broadening your horizons a little every now and again. You don’t have to be as extreme as me and go out and buy shedloads of the classics, but simply try something a little more out of your comfort zone. The next time you go to catch up on the newest Netflix craze, why not try that new thriller feature out?

All I’m saying is what harm can it do?

Ramble over.


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