Soundtrack and Score Ramble

When it comes to job titles in film production – one that is often forgotten about or considered even less worthy than say a cinematographer or director is the score writer. However I personally feel they’re as vital to the contribution of the atmosphere of the feature as any other job role.

Being a bit of a daydreamer, I myself have often selected a film’s soundtrack at random on Spotify, sat back and listened. I simply enjoy “losing myself” in the musical atmosphere; I find that there is no better way to escape the pressures of everyday life, other than to watch the feature itself of course!

Some of my personal favourites are ‘About Time’, ‘Whiplash’, ‘The Theory of Everything’, ‘Inception’ and Disney Pixar classic ‘Up’. They all evoke strong emotions for me when watching (and listening to) the feature; I’ve gone to the trouble of making a short Spotify playlist of these instrumental soundtracks.



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