12 Days of Christmas: Day 8

This festive feature I know is a particular favourite with my age group; Elf starring Will Ferrell and Zoey Deschanel, is definitely one of the most comedic of Christmas films.

The film opens in the North Pole where protagonist Buddy the Elf lives (Ferrell), however measuring at 6ft 3, Buddy isn’t your typical elf. He finds out that he is actually a human who, as a little orphan baby, accidentally climbed into Santa’s sack one Christmas and so he was adopted by one of the older elves. As it turns out, Buddy’s real mother, who died in childbirth, never told his father he existed; therefore Buddy decides to head back to New York City where his father lives.

Of course being a jolly elf full of christmas spirit makes you stand out a little in the hustle and bustle of New York, and so viewers are treated to many of Buddy’s hilarious discoveries of the human world.

Despite the fact that his father turns out to be the complete opposite of his joyful son, Buddy is determined to fit in with the family and he even manages to find love with character Jodie, who just so happens to be dressed as an elf in a department store’s santa’s grotto!

Overall this film is definitely for people with a silly sense of humour, this is still one Will Ferrell’s most well-known roles to-date; even though it’s celebrating it’s 12th birthday this year. However, I still feel that this feature appeals to both kids and adults alike, reminding us of what it is to be joyful and festive this holiday season.

My Christmas Rating; 7/10

Ramble over.


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