12 Days Of Christmas: Day 10

This film I can almost guarantee most readers will probably never have heard of, however it’s one of my christmas guilty pleasures. The film The Greatest Store In the World  was aired as a ‘telemovie’ on CBBC way back in 1999, and was shown annually for several years after this. I can still remember sitting in front of my grandma’s television set on the days leading up to Christmas watching this film. It’s a film that’s incredibly close to my heart.

The film follows the story of a girl called Livvie, (played by Elizabeth Earl) a bright young girl who, for some reason, has found herself in police custody on Christmas Day. As she is questioned, she reveals that ever since a few days previously she, her mother Geraldine and little sister Angeline (Elizabeth’s actual sister Holly Earl), have been living in a department store called “Scottley’s” because their camper van in which they lived blew up in an accident.

As the story progresses, the family have to deal with outsmarting the staff. In particular Brian (Peter Capaldi), nicknamed ‘Mr. Whiskers’, the suspicious doorman , as well as deputy manager Ms. Greystone, the department store’s Santa and his elf. This is all going on whilst Livvie’s mother is trying (and failing) to find alternative housing for her two young children.

Whilst this film may not be the best Christmas film in terms of acting and plot, I decided to put this in with my other recommendations. As a child I loved the idea of being able to sleep in a department store and play with all of the toys and products, especially at Christmas time; and so I feel this film will appeal to many young viewers this Christmas. However, you will have to hunt for this feature as it’s not a very high-profile feature film (just warning you!)

Christmas Rating; 7/10

Ramble over.




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