First off can I just comment on how a-ma-zing this film is – as I’m typing this I’m currently watching it for the second time in the same evening and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to see a film again this urgently. Here are just a few reasons that everyone should see this film.

  1. JK Simmons (Terence Fletcher)

If the fact that he won an academy award for this role isn’t enough to convince you, Simmons is outstanding as the (to put it politely) highly abusive jazz instructor. Even when you think you know what his character is going to do next he changes your perception and shocks you once more. The complete unpredictable nature of his character is accurately demonstrated throughout and despite the fact that is character is there purely for the audience’s hatred, I can’t help but be fascinated by him.

2. The Score

Often the point of creating a good score is to create an atmosphere that surrounds not only the visuals on screen but also the audience watching. Whiplash does this expertly and with the utmost precision. This score can only be described as intense and electrifying.  I’ll post a Spotify link so you’re able to have a listen for yourself of this amazing soundtrack.

3. The Narrative

Firstly, every single scene within this feature I feel is absolutely crucial – I didn’t find myself simply sitting through another scene to get to the next “important” narrative sequence. I was completely and utterly glued to the screen from start to finish. (The soundtrack definitely helps to focus our overall attention) The narrative itself is based around the director’s experiences in his high school Studio Band, I don’t know how much of this narrative has been exaggerated, but at any rate the events that take place are extremely shocking and equally as captivating.

4. Miles Teller (Andrew Neiman)

Teller lands his first major starring role in this feature, having previously starred in smaller roles in features aimed mostly at teens; this film I think will be a huge turning point in his career. He had already had a few years experience in drumming, therefore a lot of the sequences involved him building upon his own skills. Looking back at these particular scenes now it’s incredible to think that he’s able to do this, as well as accurately portray a fiercely-determined character. Teller is definitely “one to watch”.

So there you are – just a few major reasons as to why you should see this feature. Right now.

Ramble over.



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