My Uni Room: In Photographs

I know this post has absolutely nothing to do with Film and TV – but I wanted to share with  you guys some experiments of one of my other hobbies – Photography. I studied A Level photography back in sixth form and even thought about going into a career with it for a while but Film has always been my first love.

Anyway today I’ve started off with something simple – a photographic tour around my current university bedroom. (P.S just gonna mention that I’m extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to move into newly-built university accommodation, I can say from experience that not all rooms are nearly as nice as these.)

First off this is the view from my window – I thought I’d include this just because it gives you an idea of what the accommodation looks like from the outside. I think now would be a good time to mention that I’m using a Nikon D3200 DSLR camera to shoot these images and most of my current work.


This is the area along the top of my headboard which acts as an extra shelving space; I keep a few of my favourite films displayed here, along with some photos of my close friends and family. I invested into getting this reed diffuser to keep my room smelling nice, since we’re not allowed scented candles due to health and safety reasons. This one is Red Berry and Jasmine scented and smells divine; I picked it up from primark for only £3! As for the fairy lights they’re from paperchase’s christmas range, these were again priced really cheap at just £5. Most of the photo frames were gifts from various people over the years so unfortunately I can’t tell you where they’ve come from, however I do know that the ‘Family’ frame was from Next as their logo is imprinted on the back.

These images are taken on and around my desk where I admittedly spend most of my time, either writing these blogs or just watching my little TV. I’ve already mentioned my ‘1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die’ book in my earlier blog ‘Christmas in Review’ – no film-lover should be without this book; it gets pride of place on my desk. I’ve also got various kinds of stationary lying around, such as a weekly planner to keep me organised and ladybug push pins also from paperchase (might have a slight obsession there). Then, of course, there’s my lecture notepad and ‘padfolio’ which are essential for my classes here. I’ve also got a collection of receipts and tickets from various days (and nights) out whilst being at Uni, this is something I’ve always liked doing even back home – hopefully I’ll end up with a nice memory board by the end of the university year.

This is what the shelf above my desk currently looks like, it’s become a bit of a dumping ground for my various chargers and computer accessories. Up here I have two hard drives, a pair of over-ear and in-bud headphones, a disc drive for my mac and my kindle (plus all the cables to go with those). Next to this is my ridiculously small bookshelf, I decided to bring just my ‘creative companions’ to Uni as my bookshelf back home would surely take up too much room.  I also have a student cookbook up there (my parents idea of a joke christmas present!)


Finally there’s my collection of shoes! It was sooooo hard choosing which pairs I wanted to  bring with me; I settled on six pairs in the end. (and this is just for the winter months!) I have my black wedges from New Look, which I always end up wearing on a night out (I just can’t bear anything higher or less chunky than these!). My black boots from Dorothy Perkins and black pumps from H&M, because both of these go with any outfit; my american flag converse, my H&M chunky maroon brogues, my burgundy pumps (also from New Look) and finally my beloved green Doc. Martens.

Thanks for reading this slightly off-topic ramble; let me know what you think of me creating more photographic-based posts as well as ones involving Film & TV.

Ramble over.


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