My Trip Around The East Coast: Part 1

I wanted to share with you a few of my photographs and footage I took whilst being on a family holiday in the US in summer 2015. During this time I was fortunate enough to visit several states around the east coast such as crazy New York, rainy Maine, beautiful New Hampshire and Massachusetts. All of which were different and amazing, this holiday as you can imagine wasn’t exactly relaxing but it was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I can’t wait to explore more of the US when I’m older – I can’t get over the sheer size and diversity that I experienced whilst being over there. Here’s a summary of our stops in this amazing country and what we did whilst being there.

Day 1: 17/07/15

This day consisted mostly of traveling; the two hours to Gatwick, 6 and a half hour flight to JFK then about a 40 minute YELLOW CAB drive to NYC. Finally arriving at our hotel in Manhattan at around 11:30pm east coast time.

The view from our window on the 49th floor

Day 2: 18/07/15

Because there’s so much to see and do in this amazing city my family had pre-planned what we all wanted to see. My younger sister has always loved everything about singing and live theatre, so she of course wanted to see a broadway musical; she chose ‘Matilda’ and we saw this later that evening after getting our bearings and exploring the iconic Times Square. The show was fantastic as I expected and it’s definitely in my top 3 favourite ever musicals. We also managed to squeeze in a visit to New York’s Grand Central Station – which, by the way, makes London Liverpool Street look like a pile of poop.

Day 3: 19/07/15

I remember this day being unbelievably hot – I’m not talking 20c, it was closer to 35c as New York was hit with a suffocating heatwave. Of course this ended up being the day we’d booked a open-top sightseeing bus tour around the city, but this was made more bearable by our tour guide who provided the best entertainment (her favourite expression was “if it gets too hot, get your butt off the bus”). As well as this we went to the very top of the Rockafella Centre (known as the ‘Top of the Rock’) and strolled through not even half of the vast Central Park. After all of this, we then headed up the Empire State Building after dark to see the ‘city of lights’ in all it’s glory. A busy but fab day!

To be continued…

Ramble Over.



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