My Trip Around the East Coast: Part 3

Day 9: 25/07/15

Luckily the weather cheered up, although it was still considerably less warm than NYC! We headed off to the other side of the island to visit ‘Arcadia National Park’, a huge green  expanse which covers the majority of the island. We stopped at some of the tourist points in the parks, including lake’s, sharp coastlines and a hike up a mountain. I enjoyed this day particularly because when you think of the US, you don’t tend to think of lush, natural beauty but I can say with certainty that the US can compete with many countryside’s back home. As we finished up in the park the sun finally made a re-apperance! So we decided to make the most of our hotel pool; we ended the day with a walk along the waterfront back in Bar Harbour, after a proper ‘American’ dinner at one of the local restaurants.

Day 10: 26/07/15

Back ‘on the road again’, we headed for North Conway, New Hampshire. I think this hotel was definitely my favourite, as me and my sister got to have a small ‘room’ with a indoor balcony overlooking the rest of our room. We took a slight de-tour when traveling to this stop however, as our hotel names had somehow gotten mixed up along the way. By the time we arrived we were very glad to see the queen-sized beds (!!) and happily chilled in our rooms for the evening.

Day 11: 27/07/15

Today we were off out again this time to the ‘White Mountain National Park’, where we got in a cable car up a 3,000km mountain! (I still can’t quite believe my mum went through with it) We also hiked through the forests filled with all kinds of lakes,streams and beautiful waterfalls. (Photographic paradise!)

Day 12: 28/07/15

Yet another day of traveling, this time headed back down towards Massachusetts; Cape Cod to be exact. This sunny area of the east coast is known for being a popular holiday destination in the US, once we arrived the nightlife was already starting up and we ended walking in on an outdoor concert after checking in. The end of our amazing trip was approaching far too quickly 😦

To be continued…

Ramble over.



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