Family’s End: A Drama Short

This is my second project during my first year as an undergrad in Film and TV Production; in this project I took on the role(s) of lighting and production designer.

During this project my group learnt how to capture the audience’s attention using an original narrative written by one of our crew. We also had our first experiences of casting actresses; we were extremely lucky to meet lots of amazingly talented actresses during this process. The two women whom we eventually narrowed our choices down to, were really talented and I highly recommend them to anyone out there who may be currently working on or creating a new feature.

Another thing I feel I have taken away from this experience, is the complications that can come with choosing your own location. Let’s just say that the location you see in the final feature, isn’t what we originally pictured when developing the narrative; but at the end of the day, we worked with what we had to the best of our abilities.

Overall, I think we successfully managed to convey an interesting narrative in the short time that we were assigned; this film-making experience was definitely an enjoyable one and I have learnt much from it.


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