Film 2016 – BBC One

Film 2016 Oscars Debate

I’ve posted a link above for a show on BBC One that’s probably only watched by film-geeks such as myself. Here’s why;

I became aware of this show a few years ago, after walking into our living room whilst my mum was watching an episode. At this point I was only 15/16 years old and hadn’t really moved out of my comfort zone with films; I was often watching teenage rom-coms and big blockbusters. (Nothing wrong with that but it wasn’t exactly a varied variety of features)

However I found myself slowly getting into this late-night review show more and more until I began to watch it religiously each week. (and still do) Sometimes I would skip past the parts where Danny Leigh and his guest reviewer got overly passionate about a film or used technical words I was yet to understand.

But now I’m finding that I do this less and less and so, I generally feel that I have become increasingly educated about the world of film – simply by tuning into this 30 minute show each week.

This show definitely won’t be for everyone, however it’s something I generally enjoy watching and I wish that I could discuss it with more people than my mum! Due to it’s late showing and specialist subject, most people have never even heard of it. Hopefully I’ve encouraged a few more viewers out there and helped the BBC out with a bit of free promotion!

P.S This particular week has a really interesting take on the whole Oscar’s ‘situation’ which I commented on recently. (From 12 mins onwards)

Thanks for reading 🙂

Ramble over.


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