My Top 5 Most Influential Women In Film

After all the mothers day celebrations and with International Women’s day coming up on Tuesday 8th March, I decided to create a post on the actresses that I look up to in current cinema. Here are 5 women I believe to be incredibly influential and great role-models for young women today.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer has been in the spotlight for many consecutive years, now whether it’s for her roles in big franchises such as ‘The Hunger Games’ and the ‘X-Men’ re-boots or for her many collaborations with director David O. Russell and Bradley Cooper. Although Jennifer often plays a similar archetype in her features she plays that strong, yet unstable female character extremely well and is what earned her the academy award back in early 2013. For me Jennifer is a great role-model because she just really doesn’t give a crap, she says what she thinks and someone doesn’t agree/like what she has to say she’ll just let it wash over her. She is unapologetically human which is probably why she is so loved by the general public.

2. Emma Stone

In my opinion Emma Stone is a highly underrated actress – despite the fact that the majority of her film career is made up of roles in independent romantic comedies, her roles in both ‘The Help’ and ‘Birdman’ have proved the extent of her talent. Again she is a fearless and confident woman capable of standing up for her beliefs and I really respect her for this.

3. Keira Knightley

British icon Keira Knightley is widely known for her acting in period features such as ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘The Duchess’ and ‘Anna Karenina’, however her international status was gained by her role as ‘Elizabeth Swann’ in ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise. Other features you might recognise her talents from include ‘Bend It Like Beckham’,  ‘Atonement’, ‘Begin Again’ and most recently, ‘The Imitation Game’. Her career spans many genres and stories and pretty much solidifies her as a British treasure in the industry and in popular culture. Personally, I love Keira’s down-to-earth attitude and her commitment to her job and the industry; above all she is just ridiculously talented.

4. Felicity Jones

Many of the general public will probably only recognise Felicity’s work from last years hugely successful feature ‘The Theory of Everything’, the film follows the story of Stephen Hawking and his first wife Jane whom Felicity played. However Felicity has also starred in many British independent features such as rom-coms, ‘Chalet Girl’ and ‘Like Crazy’; Felicity is a terrific actress and I really would like to see her success stretch further afield in the future.

5. Cara Delevingne

Cara is of course widely known for her recent modelling career, but as she matures she has invested her talents further afield in the film industry. Recent roles include; a mermaid in ‘Pan’, ‘Margo Roth Spiegelman’ in ‘Paper Towns’ and she will also be starring in the highly anticipated ‘Suicide Squad’ as ‘Enchantress’. Despite her short-lived career as an actress, her time in the spotlight so far has established Cara as a sarcastic, strong-minded, independent young woman. She knows exactly what she wants and will endeavour to achieve her goals; she is openly honest about everything and I feel is another great woman to aspire to.




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