The Weird & The Wonderful: TV


I enjoyed writing my previous post on weird and wonderful films that I’ve watched recently so here is the television version which I have decided to dedicate especially to one particularly strange series I came across recently on Channel 4….


This series was broadcast for 30 mins every night (& an hour on it’s premiere night) for one week only; starring the likes of Olivia Coleman and Julian Barratt. It is what’s known as a ‘Black comedy’; i.e. some of the topics discussed in this series are very very dark and serious, however they’re presented in a strangely comedic manner. Basically some of the things I found myself laughing at I really shouldn’t have been – at all!

The series follows the Flowers family, consisting of depressed father and children’s author ‘Maurice’ (Barratt); wife ‘Deborah’ (Colman), their 25-year-old twin children – son ‘Donald’ & lesbian daughter ‘Amy’. ‘Maurice’s senile mother ‘Hattie’ and his gay Japanese illustrator ‘Shun’ also feature within the narrative.

Although on the surface this absolutely bonkers television series may seem a bit too far-fetched, it’s underlying messages about mental health and depression are quite accurate in some ways.

The New York Times described this series as “a portrait – a weird, portrait  of a family with loves, suspicions and insecurities, perhaps not all that different from yours, after all.”. This sums up my reaction perfectly to the series, I think all families are a bit bonkers in their own way! This series portrays this in the most hilarious way.

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

Ramble over.


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