Money Monster


The film stars George Clooney as ‘Lee Gates’, a TV personality who advises his audience on commerce and Wall Street. During a live show of ‘Money Monster’ he’s forcefully interrogated by ‘Kyle Budwell’, a grief-stricken bankrupt viewer who lost his money after a previous tip from Lee. The film also stars Julia Roberts as the director of the television show who has to try and advise Lee on how to reason and/or bargain with Kyle in order to save all their lives.

Personally, I love these kinds of films that keep you interested with some really powerful tension-building. This film does this really well and Jack O’ Connell plays the unstable ‘Kyle’ in the best way possible. However, ‘Money Monster’ also brings some light-hearted humour to a literally ‘life or death’ situation – enter George Clooney with his dad-like dance moves and erectile issues. This made the feature more entertaining for me and no doubt I will remember the film more because of it.

This film also never felt like it was set in ‘real-time’; some features I’ve watched can really drag when they choose to do this but Money Monster was different and thus kept my attention throughout.

Overall, I don’t think this is the most amazing film I’ve ever seen but it certainly entertained me and my mum (who by the way is an embarrassingly massive George Clooney fan).

If anyone cares enough I’d give this film 3 stars out of 5.

Ramble over.


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