Independence Day

Recently I came across a showing of this classic science-fiction/adventure/disaster film on television, I couldn’t resist having a watch of this highly-acclaimed feature. Plus the sequel is currently out in cinemas (Independence Day: Resurgence) so it’s an ideal time to write about why you guys should go see it! 🙂

So the narrative is split into 3 parts, one for each day; July 2nd/3rd & 4th (i.e American Independence day). On July 2nd, an enormous alien mothership enters orbit around Earth and deploys 36 smaller spaceships. Each one of these takes a position over a largely populated capital city somewhere on the planet. David Levinson, a trained satellite technician, intercepts a signal embedded in the global satellite transmissions that he figures out is in fact a timer counting down to a coordinated attack from the aliens. The military defence, with Levinson’s help, have to now try to defeat the alien species and save planet Earth.

The film features stars such as Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum & Harry Connick Jr, this makes for some well-executed comedic moments amongst the action, chaos and disruption of the alien invasion. It’s definitely one of those classic features that you can put on and all members of the family can enjoy. Yes like most classic sci-fi features it has it’s cheesy moments, but you’ve gotta love a good cheesy movie line and when they’re delivered by Will Smith – you definitely can’t complain! 🙂

I look forward to watching the sequel but for now I hope you’ve enjoyed this throwback to a classic sci-fi feature.

Ramble over.





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