Comic-Con Trailers – My Top 5

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them – Full-length Trailer Reveal

So far we had only been given a tiny taste of the ‘new era of magic’ that is set to be released in November, so this first full-length trailer gives us more of a sense of the narrative that will unfold.

To put it basically, a strange man with a suitcase full of strange creatures arrives at the ‘Magical Congress of the United States of America’ for an important meeting. When the creatures inevitably escape from the briefcase, it sends the American wizarding authorities after him and threatens to strain the state of magical and non-magical relations.

I personally can’t wait to see this feature, it looks like an amazing addition to the globally-renowned franchise and Eddie Redmayne is guaranteed to be amazing in whatever role he takes on.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange – Full-length Trailer Reveal

Okay – so what interests me most about this feature, is despite the fact that a full trailer has now been released, I’m still not certain what the plot of this feature will be. What I can grasp from this trailer is that Benedict’s character shatters his hands in a car accident that ruins his career as a renowned surgeon. He then comes across ‘the ancient one’ who trains him in the mystic arts and shows him there is more than one reality. What he then does with these powers or how he ends up becoming a sort of ‘rogue hero’ is still a mystery to both me and I’d hope most of the audiences out there.

Overall I love a good enigmatic trailer, I cannot stop re-watching this trailer and will endeavour to catch the full feature when it is released later this year.

DC Comics’ Wonder Woman – First Trailer Reveal

I put this trailer in my top 5 purely because of just how kickass and amazing Wonder Woman is, I love her completely oblivious attitude to Chris Pine’s character and everything he seemingly represents. There is definitely a strong element of female empowerment going on here. That’s it really – just another great female role-model.

Sherlock Teaser Season 4 – Teaser Season Trailer

Sherlock is one of the reasons I still have faith in Original British television, this series is by far one of the best crime dramas out there. A new teaser has been released for the upcoming 4th season (after what feels like an eternity since the last series).

Not much is revealed other than the fact that a new enemy is coming *SPOILER ALERT* after Moriarty ‘sadly’ killed himself off in series 2. The villain is to be played by Toby Jones, although his actual character is still being kept very secret. However I’m sure the series is set to be yet another great instalment to this brilliantly crafted show.

Kong: Skull Island – First Trailer Reveal

This feature is yet another re-boot of another classic franchise, this time Kong: Skull Island is a re-boot of the King Kong franchise. This film is star studded with the gorgeous Tom Hiddleston, ridiculously talented Brie Larson and legendary Samuel L. Jackson.

The plot isn’t hinted at much other than the obvious battle against the monstrous gorilla, however the film looks to be an improvement on the similar re-boot of Godzilla back in 2014. I look forward to indulging in what looks like a great re-boot of a classic narrative.

I hope you enjoyed my brief outlook on just some of the amazing trailers that have been released so far as a result of this amazing event.

Ramble over.


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