Okay so I’ve been waiting to see this feature for what feels like forever – as a huge fan of both Roald Dahl and Spielberg I couldn’t wait to see what this film (created by two – quite frankly – geniuses) was like. I certainly wasn’t disappointed….

Firstly, lets give readers out there that aren’t familiar with this charming narrative a glimpse of the plot. A young orphaned girl named Sophie in the middle of the night reading as she always does, when she hears a noise. It turns out there’s a huge giant outside her window who then proceeds to scoop her up and take her off to Giant Country! However this giant isn’t quite as fearsome as all the other giants who live nearby and the pair soon team up together on an unforgettable adventure.

Spielberg, in my opinion, is able to direct features across genres, decades and audience ranges – therefore it is hard to find much fault with any film he creates. I don’t think I would’ve wanted any other director to bring this beloved story to the big screen. The cinematography in this feature is just a treat for the eyes in my opinion, I really felt like I’d been transported to ‘giant country’. One of my favourite scenes was when the BFG took Sophie to the dream tree where he captures dreams – good and bad. This scene is just so visually spectacular, the colours, the light just everything about it is amazing.

The characters have also been cast perfectly – Mark Rylance especially, is exactly the right person to play a Big, Friendly Giant and I’m so glad he was chosen. Overall, I generally think that Roald Dahl would be completely and utterly satisfied with this amazing adaptation of his well-loved novel.

Ramble over.




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  1. I really liked the movie myself. It had some great visuals and VFX. And ofc, nostalgia of a Spielberg movie takes me to another midst of amazing vibes.

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