Zante In Photographs


I’ve finally got round to editing and sorting my many photographs which were taken on my first holiday alone abroad in Zakynthos, Greece. (Or Zante as it’s more well known) I wanted to share a few of my favourite shots with you.

Above are a few shots from in and around the hotel site, me and my two friends, Emily and Megan were lucky enough to be able to stay at the Zante Maris Hotel situated in souvenirs. We even had our own private beach sectioned off along the back of the hotel.

On the third day of our holiday we hopped in a taxi to Zante Town  – if you hadn’t guessed this was essentially where the main highstreet and harbour was. Here we did a little bit of shopping and enjoyed walking around the narrow cobbled streets and the market square.

We booked a couple of excursions during our stay; the first of which involved getting on a boat which cruised around half of the island, stopping at coves so we were able to go for a swim.

Then towards the end of the cruise we were lucky enough to spot a family of Loggerhead turtles swimming near one of the hotspots we passed. Zakynthos is widely known for it’s population of turtles, and so most of the souvenirs we bought here had a turtle on them somewhere!

On the last day we also bought an excursion which included a day trip to a local beach, a free lunch in the beach bar and a ride on a banana boat! We also experienced paragliding during our time here – which, much like this entire trip – was something I’ll never forget!

Ramble over.


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